How We Work

It’s your organization.  It’s your change effort.  Together we’ll create your journey to the future.  We’ll make the changes that need to be made, leave what needs to stay the same and claim your future faster than you ever thought possible.

The work we do will impact your organization for a long time. Each step needs to be the right one. That’s why we use a proven set of principles and practices with a 27-year track record.

From our first conversation you’ll know where you’re going, what you’re doing, and why. When you call us here’s what will happen:

You’ll speak to our founder and CEO, Jake Jacobs.

He’ll ask you a number of questions. The most important ones:

  • What needs to change in your organization for this effort to succeed?
  • What needs to remain the same?

The Business Result

All change work has to have a concrete payoff, a business result. You want to implement a new strategy, redesign your organization, or get people working better together so that they can react quickly to marketplace changes. Those are worthy goals. They each have a substantial ROI.

The Key Players

Once you’re clear about what needs to be accomplished, you’ll discuss who needs to be involved, how, and when. We’ll meet with your Executive Team and include their insights in the plan. A Change Effort Design Team – people from across your organization – will map out your change effort in more detail. Finally we’ll engage anyone needed to accomplish your results. Whether it’s a project team, business unit, division, or your entire organization.

The Approach

Live your preferred future faster than you ever believed possible.

With Real Time Strategic Change there are no fixed steps you have to follow. No list of tasks someone else has dreamt up for you to finish. You and your organization create your own change effort.  Together we’ll decide your best path forward. Whose voices need to be heard? What are the important questions that need to be answered?

How do you make these decisions? Be clear about the work that needs to be done.  Since there are no fixed steps to follow in RTSC, we have “Areas of Work” that need to be tended to well in order for your change effort to succeed.  These Areas have guided RTSC work for more than two decades with Marriott, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, Mobil and dozens of other companies, communities, and countries around the world.  Complete the work in them successfully and the faster change happens and the longer you’ll sustain gains over time.


Contact us if you’d like to see how we can customize RTSC to meet your needs.

Areas of Work

We focus our efforts in three areas:

  • Scoping Possibilities;
  • Developing and Aligning Leadership; and,
  • Creating Organization-Wide Change

Chart 1 RTSC

You and your organization will do business in new ways by following these areas, Doing business in new ways will deliver new – and better – results. 

Scoping Possibilities

Scoping is not a “one off” activity. It’s ongoing work that focuses plans and creates new paths moving forward. Your aim with this work is to create a clear purpose and outcomes for your effort along with a solid roadmap of events, measures, milestones, and responsibilities 

Developing and Aligning Leadership and Followership

We often get asked, “How many people should be included in this phase?”
It’s not about a number. It’s about getting the right people doing the right work.
The questions we’ll be asking: What kind of leadership and followership are needed and whom can best provide them? This work includes getting clear about your preferred future, what needs to change and what needs to stay the same to achieve it, and ensure people have the skills, knowledge and abilities to get their jobs done.

Creating Organization-Wide Congruence

You need to engage people throughout your organization for change to stick. We own what we help create. The more people involved in this phase, the faster change takes hold. Numbers aren’t a problem. We regularly have engaged whole organizations in creating their collective future. The key to this work is making sure that a solid fit exists between every aspect of your business from marketplace demands straight through to each individual’s daily work.