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Change Master Interview

I recently was interviewed once again by Sally Fox from Engaging Presence

Sally specializes in story telling.  During this podcast I shared two with her.  First we discussed my approach to improving organizations:  if you don’t do it in real time, you’re wasting a lot of precious time.  Second we discussed the work I’ve been doing with my colleague Margaret Seidler in Charleston, SC in further strengthening police and citizen relationships with trust and legitimacy.  The stories people have told throughout that work have been powerful, meaningful and have helped advance the work in ways that we could have never imagined.

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Preferred Futuring: Creating the Future You Desire

Preferred Futuring

September 1 – December 31 2016

Preferred Futuring is a powerful way to create the future you desire instead of getting stuck with the one you “end up with.”

Step 1 in any Preferred Futuring activity is a “Look Back,” a review of what you’ve accomplished in the preceding period. There are three categories I use to assess accomplishments.  These come from my mentor’s mentor, Ron Lippitt and answer the questions:

  • What am I glad about?
  • What am I sad about?
  • What am I mad about?
  1. Be honest with yourself. “Looking good” by not completely filling in the table with “Sads” and “Mads” isn’t helpful.
  2. Be as specific as possible. “Felt glad about growing the business” is not as helpful as “Felt glad about growing the business through using my new contact management system every day.”
  3. You can create separate preferred futures for your personal and professional lives. It worked best for me to combine them.

So how to you get to goals in the planning?  First identify the different “hats” or roles you play in your life.  Here are mine for this quarter

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Practicing OD — Applying Polarity Thinking to Complex Societal Issues

This article describes work I have been doing during the past year plus in Charleston, SC, the site of the horrific nine murders in Mother Emanuel AME Church.  The work has been done with Police Chief Greg Mullen and colleagues Margaret Seidler and Chandra Irvin and the entire Charleston community.  The purpose?  To further improve police and citizen relationships with trust and legitimacy.

We are at a pivotal moment in our country as it relates to police trust and legitimacy. To do nothing is not an option; to engage in a journey that has been challenging, risky, and has the potential to inform generations to come has been our responsibility and honor.

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How can we both plan for and live into the future? And what’s the future of O.D? Interview with Jake Jacobs

I recently was interviewed by Sally Fox from Engaging Presence

In her words…  How do we both plan ahead and live the future now? Robert “Jake Jacobs”, author of the book Real Time Strategic Change, internationally known for his work with both large scale group interventions and supporting individuals and systems to change, shares his experience and also reflects upon the development of O.D. as a field in this podcast interview.

Use the following link, open in ITunes and go to episodes 15 and 16

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A Cultural Advantage: Making People Feel At Home in Your Organization

On my recent trip to the Nexus Africa conference in Johannesburg, I found my first intriguing lesson in the time spent with my host family.  I was welcomed into the home of Ivan and Yolande Overton, founders of ChangeWright Consulting, and their three-year-old son Mathew.

I was struck by how comfortable they made me feel – nearly like family.  They invited me to make myself at home which included foraging for late night snacks, taking a nap in the middle of their living room and playing with Matthew and his minitiature cars like I was actually the Uncle he called me (or at least  that’s what he said in Afrikaans I was told by his parents).

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