Real Time Strategic Change is a global consulting firm specialized in helping organizations create fast and lasting results.


We support companies, communities, and countries in creating fast and lasting results — whatever they may be.


  • Fast change and lasting change
  • Predictable outcomes and flexible processes
  • Creating change and “change able” organizations
  • Clear guidance and innovative solutions
  • A great experience and solid results.

At first value pairs may seem like they’re in conflict with each other. However, they’re no more in conflict than having to choose between making changes in your organization and keeping the status quo in place. But that’s a false choice. The best way to bring about change in an organization is to paradoxically reinforce what is going to stay the same.

These values that guide our work are based on this same concept called Polarity Thinking.

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 Robert “Jake” Jacobs

Why do some organizations work and others don’t? I’ve been curious about that question since my first real job on the assembly line of an ice cream novelty manufacturing plant.  I wondered even more about those questions while tending bar in college.

That launched me on a path of discoveries as a pioneer in the field of large group interventions.  My consulting, writing, and teaching have all helped me continue my discoveries about better ways for people and organizations to change.

I’ve worked with some of the largest corporations in the world including American Express, Corning, Ford, The Home Depot, Marriott, Mobil Oil, and TJ Maxx. I’ve also supported major change efforts with the City of New York, the U.S. National Forest Service and Environmental Protection Agency and the United Kingdom’s National Health and Employment Services.

Writing is a great way for me to get clearer about what I believe and how I work. In addition to regular postings to my blog, I’ve written articles for Strategy and Leadership, Executive Excellence, Leader to Leader, Strategic HR Review, Consulting to Management and the Organization Development Network Journal.

I’ve authored and contributed to seven books:

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Notre Dame’s Executive Education Program, the U.S. Navy’s Postgraduate Institute, Roffey Park Management Institute in England, and St. Thomas University have all been ways to continue my own learning while teaching others.

I’ve actively contributed consulting pro bono to a wide variety of organizations ranging from schools to theaters and community building efforts.

I also have continued my work with Polarity Partnerships directing all Real Time Strategic Change work done in support of The Polarity Approach to Continuity and Transformation.  Based on RTSC Principles, the PACT helps individuals, teams and organizations best leverage the energy in their most strategic polarities, transforming conflict into creativity and collaboration.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Michigan and I received a Masters of Science in Organization Development from Pepperdine University with honors.  I now call Toledo home once again having returned after more than 30 years away and now spend Sunday nights going out for Indian food with my parents – a “must do” tradition.  My two adult children, Alison and Aaron, live in Los Angeles.